Mission Statement

At Corvis, our mission is is to help people improve their quality of life by providing healthy food in a way that is useful and informative. We offer a full set of software and food-service production services to make that mission a reality.

Our Story

Corvis was originally created as a means to feed traveling college athletic programs, which was informed by Bobby and Davis' experience playing water polo in college themselves. As we grew and expanded, we realized that our software could be used in conjunction with our operating partners across the country in other ways. This led to the expansion of our capabilities and the evolution of our full-service suite of software applications for food service.

Our Experience

The Corvis team consists of over 30 years of experience within corporate food service and 25 years of experience within NCAA athletics, both as coaches and student-athletes. We pride ourselves on being experts in our fields, combining our knowledge within the corporate and athletic spectra to provide a resource for a vast array of clients. We understand that quality and customer service are of paramount importance. Let us prove it to you.