How It Works

Once the coach creates the team, athletes enter their year of birth, height, weight, gender, and position via our app
Coaches select a meal based on the amount of time before or after the competition
Corvis will deliver your customized meals on time where and when you need them.
Nutritious meals personalized for every athlete delivered right to your door!

Level the Playing Field

At Corvis, we seek to minimize the ‘home field advantage’ to which every traveling team immediately falls prey. Home teams get to sleep in their own beds, play on their own field, and eat their own food. The away team has never been able to address any of these concerns, until now. Corvis combats part of that home field advantage by delivering nutritious meals prepared specifically for each individual athlete. Most athletes have incredibly different nutritional requirements. So then why do most athletes eat the same exact food? Corvis has developed a proprietary algorithm that adjusts the meal specifications for each athlete based on their sport, position, gender, height, weight, and age. Each athlete receives a meal crafted specifically for them, with each meal containing a unique quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Take Control

Corvis understands athletic performance at a physiological level and recognizes that what an athlete eats is just as important as when they eat it. This is why we have broken our meals into categories based on the number of hours before or after a competition that the meal will be eaten.

Why spend dozens of hours preparing for a competition, just to ignore the foundation of success the day before the game? You work too hard and care too much to hinder your ability by depriving your body of the fuel it requires to succeed to it’s greatest potential. Choose to be as vigilant about your nutritional choices as you are about your game plan. Choose the pinnacle of athletic nutrition and convenience. Choose Corvis.